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Contractor Management


Apart from large construction projects, contractors are often used for general maintenance, air conditioners, plumbing, electrical repairs, cleaning services and painting.

Both clients and contractors have responsibilities under OHS Legislation.

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It is a client’s duty to:

  • Apply for a construction work permit prior to construction work commencing
  • Prepare a baseline risk assessment for proposed construction work
  • Prepare health and safety specifications for principle contractors
  • Provide a principle contractor with the risk assessment and health and safety specifications for proposed construction work
  • Ensure that the principle contractor has made adequate provision for the cost of health and safety
  • Appoint principle contractor in writing
  • Take steps to ensure that the principle contractor’s health and safety plan is implemented and maintained
  • Conduct monthly audits and document verifications on principle contractors
  • Stop any principle contractor who are not performing activities in accordance with health and safety specifications


Altra Medical productions will:

  • Liaise directly on behalf of the client with principle contractor and contractors
  • On behalf of the a client, develop, implement and maintain a comprehensive contractor management program in accordance with legal requirements
  • Conduct monthly audits and document verifications on principle contractors and contractors
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