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Risk Assessment


Every employer is required to make a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks which people may be exposed to at a workplace in connection with the processes and activities carried out or taking place.

Conducting a risk assessment is the first step in protecting your workers and your business. A risk assessment is a complex and careful examination of the processes and activities at your workplace to identify all risks that could affect productivity, cause harm to people, property and the environment. An effectively executed risk assessment will also determine effectiveness of current precautionary measures or if more should be done to prevent harm.

With over 30 years of experience our consultants conduct insightful risk assessments to meet an employer’s legal obligations in terms of the OHS Act and regulations.

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Risk Assessments Include:

Safety Risk Assessment

A safety risk assessment is aimed at identifying risks related to general processes and activities at a workplace that could lead to injuries, ill health, damage and loss of property. Control measures and systems of work are designed scope specific related to the type of workplace as well as activities types taking place at such workplace.

Fall Prevention When Working At Height Risk Assessment

Our Fall Prevention When Working At Height risk assessment focusses on ensuring compliance with construction regulation 10. The risks associated to working in elevated positions are identified, evaluated and recommendations are made for development and implementation of fall protection plans, control measures as well as fall protection equipment required.

Fire Risk Assessment

There is an enormous variety of flammable substances to be found in the workplace. They range from the obvious, e.g. petrol, paint thinners, welding gases, to the not so obvious, e.g. packaging materials, dusts from woodworking and dusts from foodstuffs such as flour and sugar etc.

Three ingredients are needed for a fire: a fuel at the right concentration, a good supply of air, and a source of ignition. If you control these ingredients, fires can be prevented

Our specialists will conduct a fire risk assessment and provide detailed feedback on:

  • Potential ignition sources
  • Sources of fuel and oxygen which could aid in fire spread
  • The adequacy of existing fire safety measures and the need for additional measures
  • Compliance to SANS 10400 part T and any applicable SANS code
  • Compliance to Municipal bylaws
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