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eLearning and Online Training

Our learning programs are now electronic. These programs will be fully registered with HWSETA, which will enable you to claim back from skills development.

Although conventional classroom training sessions remain the preferred method of training delivery by most clients, eLearning can be used just as effectively.

eLearning is web based education and is designed to be effectively completed out of the classroom.
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Advantages of eLearning

  1. Staff are attracted to a flexible, self-paced method of education which encourages them to volunteer for training
  2. Tailor made training solutions which promote a positive change in behaviour and is non-intrusive on production or staff performance
  3. Learning activities are designed to provide learners with the opportunity to focus on their newly acquired skill as well as apply the knowledge and skills in a real life working environment
  4. Training material is creative and visually appealing
  5. Cost effective compared to classroom training
  6. Production deadlines leads to non-attendance of classroom training sessions
  7. Staff at remote workplaces are able to complete training without having to leave the workplace
  8. Learners are free to log on at any time to start or continue with modules
  9. Improved integration for non-full-time students, particularly in continuing education
  10. Acquisition of technological skills through practice with computers
  11. No age-based restrictions on difficulty level
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