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Emergency Procedures


Emergencies like Fires, explosions, violence or biological releases can change our lives in an instance.

The only way to ensure the safety of your staff and facility, is to prepare for it.

We will design the plan, put all the elements in place, and provide the skills, equipment and infrastructure for an organization to be able to maintain the emergency plan once it has been implemented.

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The disaster management plan is done is 6 phases:

  • Fire/Emergency risk assessment to provide you with a full understanding of your risks and the possible impact disasters will have on your business
  • Drafting of procedures to mitigate the potential risks identified during the fire risk assessment
  • Designing of Evacuation Floor Plans (To meet the requirements of SANS 23601)
  • Inspection and testing of Fire equipment, first aid equipment, alarms and signage
  • Designation of competent people to execute the plan
  • Training and instruction
  • Drill simulation/audit and report


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