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Emergency Preparedness and Response Procedures

Duration - 8 Hours

Learning program objectives

Learners credited with this unit standard is capable of:

  1. Distinguishing between an emergency and an incident as well as understanding the different types of emergencies that may take place in the workplace
  2. Explaining different types of emergencies that may be encountered in a workplace.
  3. Explaining various responses to an alarm.
  4. Explaining actions required of a safety officer in an assembly area.
  5. Explaining the functions of an emergency control centre.

Learning program contents

  1. Types of emergencies that could be encountered in a workplace
  2. How to respond to emergencies
  3. Designing emergency action plans
  4. Fire detection and warning systems
  5. Emergency exits
  6. Emergency equipment
  7. Symbolic signs
  8. Emergency management team
  9. Understanding human behaviour in emergencies
  10. Assisting the disabled
  11. Emergency procedures
  12. Floor plans
  13. Zones and assembly areas
  14. Establishing control centres
  15. Establishing communication channels
  16. Procedures for confirming the building is clear
  17. Evacuation drills
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