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Incident Investigation


Duration - 16 Hours

Learning program objectives

Learners credited with this unit standard is capable of:

  1. The legal and organisational-specific requirements regulating the reporting and investigation of workplace incidents
  2. Describing requirements for workplace safety, health and environment incident investigation.
  3. Gathering information for workplace safety, health and environment incident investigations.
  4. Conducting post-investigation activities.
  5. The learners will be able to complete the required reports and be able to process any physical evidence which may have been collected.

Learning program contents

  1. Introduction to incident/Accident Investigation
  2. Definitions
  3. Why employers must investigate incidents
  4. Why employees fail to report incidents
  5. Incident cost
  6. Legal requirements for reporting and investigating incidents
  7. Management of workplace incidents
  8. Reporting workplace incidents
  9. Loss causation and analysis
  10. Accident causation and human error
  11. Investigating workplace incidents
  12. Make initial response
  13. Form an investigation team
  14. Gather information
  15. How do I collect evidence
  16. Analyse the facts and reconstruct the events
  17. Determine the root causes
  18. Post investigation activities
  19. Submitting incident reports
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