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OHS Induction


Duration - 8 Hours

Learning program objectives

Learners credited with this unit standard is capable of:

  1. Explaining both employer and employee duties with regard to occupational safety and health in the workplace.
  2. Explaining the general safety rules in a workplace.
  3. Explaining the use and application of Personal Protective Equipment in a workplace.
  4. Explaining the need for good housekeeping in the workplace.
  5. Explaining and applying emergency procedures in the workplace.

Learning program contents

  1. Purpose of the occupational health and safety act
  2. Duties of employers
  3. Duties of manufacturers
  4. Workers have the right to be informed
  5. General duties of the worker
  6. Health and safety representatives
  7. Occupational hazards and risks
  8. Visible hazards
  9. Hidden hazards
  10. Developing hazards
  11. Hazard categories
  12. Housekeeping
  13. Incidents and accidents
  14. Reporting incidents and accidents
  15. Intoxication
  16. Manual handling
  17. PPE
  18. Lock outs
  19. Symbolic signs
  20. Chemicals
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