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Temporary Suspended Platform Erector


Duration - 3 Days

Learning program objectives

Learning Program Contents

  1. List the different types of TSP’s
  2. Explain the definitions associated with TSP’s
  3. Demonstrate proper care in handling steel wire rope
  4. Demonstrate assembly and erection of TSP’s with a selection of different top fixings including outriggers, parapet clamps, wire rope slings and trestles
  5. Demonstrate procedures for relocating the erected TSP
  6. Demonstrate the testing and installation of a safety brake (skylock)
  7. Demonstrate the pre use visual inspection of TSP
  8. Demonstrate testing of safety devices including skylock, emergency stop and break release
  9. Demonstrate a no power decent
  10. Demonstrate procedures for securing a TSP at the end of a shift
  11. Demonstrate basic fault finding procedures
  12. Demonstrate the de rigging of an erected TSP
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